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All our editors are native language speakers with the relevant professional experience or university degrees and are passionate about proofing or improving our clients' documents.

adaptive Translations Proofreading Services supports a wide variety of customers including business from a variety of industries, professors, students and book authors. No project is too small or too large for our team of editors.
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Business Proofreading and Editing Service
As part of this service, our skilled editors will improve the quality of the language used by making it more professional, compelling and appropriate for the intended audience. This service applies to both, documents and presentations.
As part of this service we also eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes and inconsistency in word usage.
Editing, compared to proofreading, can genuinely improve your writing standard. We have editors who specialize in such business editing and know what changes are required to fully optimize a business document and make it as effective as possible.

Webpage Proofreading Services
A correct webpage is key for a great business image. Our webpage proofreading service ensures that the text in your webpage is written understandably and without spelling mistakes. This may not only improve your company's image but it may also positively affect your revenue.

Academic Editing Service
Our academic editing service is designed to optimize the quality of language, and ensure that all academic conventions are met. During the editing process we focus on:
- Elimination of spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes
- Ensuring subject/verb agreements, tense consistency, active vs passive
- Improving word usage and sentence structure
- Ensuring clarity in expression of ideas
- Ensuring consistent language, spelling, style
- Ensuring consistent application of referencing styles

Book Proofreading Service
Our professional book editing service is designed to ensure that a manuscript is mistake-free and consistent in spelling, style and terminology. Many authors are find themselves too close to their work to effectively proofread thus missing language mistakes and inconsistencies.

Data Entry
Data entry requires consistent accuracy and a lot of patience. Thus this task is not for everybody when it shall be done well. Whether you want to upload thousands of new product listings to your site or you need help migrating data between systems there is no reason to block your company resource and do this task in-house.We have the right people for this kind of work.