Specialist Translation Services

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We always ensure a native speaker of the target language to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in the translation guides your project.

Technical Translations
Technical translations require a skilled translator with an industry specific technical background. For instance we some of our translators are trained in using ASD STE-100, a controlled language specification originally developed for aerospace industry maintenance manuals. STE uses a carefully-limited and standardized part of the English language to display the content as simply and correctly as possible and to avoid ambiguity. Whilst STE is regulated for use in the aerospace and defense industries, other industries have used it as a basis for their own controlled English standards.
Our specialist translators combine their career and native knowledge of the required target language. These specialist professionals posses relevant experience and educational background, which is essential for such translations. In addition, translation memory tools support their efforts to ensure consistency across the documents for your company.

Most commonly we are being asked to provide translation and localisation services for:
- Manufacturing, Assembly or other technical Manuals
- OEM Manuals
- Operation and Maintenance Manuals
- User Manuals
- Product Catalogues
- Technical Drawings
- Technical patents & reports
- Engineering specifications
- Data sheets
- Bid Documentation – RFI’s/RFQ’s/ITT
- Training Documentation and eLearning Courseware
- In-car entertainment user interfaces
- Website pre-sales content
- Online help and user interfaces

Sales and Marketing Translations
Translation of sales, marketing or advertising content is often referred to as adaptation. adaptive Translations knows that expertise and cultural sensitivity is essential successfully translate and localize such content into other languages. During this translation and localization process your marketing material will be “adapted” to the target language and also to the cultural characteristics specific to the particular target market.
Once the translation has been completed, layouts of the individual material may have to be adjusted. In addition, images need to be carefully reviewed and potentially adjusted to not portray negative messages that may irritate or offend some page visitors unknowingly. Equally, symbols can have such effect in different international context or cultures. Examples may include skin, buildings, animals, vegetation, time, date, measurement, currency formats, colours and other elements. To adjust these elements forms all part of the localization process.

HR (Human Resources) Translations
Training programs, handbooks, manuals, and other human resources materials are often translated for employees overseas or for international team members of your company who are based in your country. We provide document translation services for the following human resources materials:
- Compliance documents
- Workplace safety documents
- Employee manuals and benefits plans
- Training programs and videos
- Insurance documents
- Contracts
- Corporate websites
- Job offerings